Legit Ways To Earn Free PSN Codes in 2019

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PlayStation codes or PSN codes are undoubtedly a crucial element to play the consoles. It provides you with major advantages and works like currency inside the PlayStation Store. However, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars to redeem PSN codes before you can actually use them. Many people think that there is no way to get out of this kind of expensive scheme but there actually is. In fact, there are some legit ways to earn free psn codes in 2019 and we’ve highlighted them below.

Grabbing 2019 Updated Free PSN Codes

There are some generous sources that offer psn codes for free. They usually come with a list of the codes and different combinations. However, not all of these codes are usable since there is a bunch of people out there looking for free psn codes just like you. So when it comes to a list of the codes, it’s very important to grab the most updated ones. You can start trying to enter the code from top to bottom of the list but never use the same code twice or you may get banned.

Collecting Reward from GPT Websites

Get Paid To sites like PayPrizes, PSNReward, Swagbucks, and other similar sites are the legit sources earn psn codes for free. What you need to do is accumulating the points through the platforms and collecting the rewards. You can earn up to $50 worth psn codes as by exchanging some amount of points depending on the site. They usually come in the form of gift cards. However, there are some tasks you should complete and they’re so diverse in different GPT platforms and events. It’s pretty natural if you take more effort and time to earn the coins from different tasks. Want more free psn codes to earn? Simply take tasks from multiple platforms.

Taking Advantages of Social Media Giveaways

Whether they’re gamers or brand ambassadors, social media influencers usually offer giveaways through their live or promotional events. The good news is that psn codes are one of the most favorite gifts perhaps due to its high demand. Depending on the social media platforms you use, Facebook and Youtube require you to follow or subscribe to the page. If you don’t know where to start, you can simply try with technology-related channels/page or your favorite gamers.

Taking Advantages of Targeted Keywords

Yep, Google has been very helpful for any search but it could be a daunting task to get the legit source. As you might have known such giveaways or promotional events won’t show up in the result as you don’t have specific keywords to set on as they’re dynamically changing. List down the potential sites and set up your keywords on them psn-code-related keywords. Instead of earning plain PSN codes, you may also get discounts or any other gift cards which can be used to redeem the codes at the low price or even for free.

Individual Sales or Trading

There are also many users selling their psn codes gifts cards at a very low price or trade them for other gift cards. Since the market is featured in a similar niche, these gift card trades are pretty common. So, where I can find them? Simply join the related forums or communities and use the previous method to bring your down the list.

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