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How works psn codes – instructions

Nobody can play PlayStation games conveniently without PlayStation Network codes or PSN codes. However, since the vouchers or gift cards can be obtained from very diverse sources, many users are confused with how to use psn codes in the PlayStation store. If you’re one of them, then you’re already in the right place. Keep reading the instructions on how works psn codes below.


First of all, every PlayStation user should have a PSN account. If you don’t have one, you need to create yours through Sony Entertainment Network official sites then you need to log-in into your account from your PS4 or desktop browser. You can’t skip this step if you want to redeem codes with vouchers or gift cards.  Instead of using a shared account, you can simply make and use your own.

Enter the PlayStation Store

Once you’re logged into the home screen in your console, you can simply enter Play Station Store to continue the procedure. Yes, many people just don’t know where to go after log-in and they’ve tried to find the PSN facility in other icons/settings but just fail. It should be noted that PSN codes are only usable in the Play Station Store, so you can go nowhere but there to activate the code.


Redeem Codes

Once you’ve entered the Play Station Store, what you should do next is redeeming the codes printed in your digital vouchers or gift cards. There is a clear button “Redeem Codes” at the menu screen you should click to enter the code activation interface. It’s a general tool in Play Station Store, so you won’t get lost here.

Input PSN Code

Then, you need to enter the PSN Code in the filling form you’ve been navigated to. It should be noted that this could be a tricky step especially if you’re in a rush. What would work is the correct code only and that’s why it’s important to keep it slow but sure.


Next, it’s always advisable to recheck the code you’ve entered. It only takes several seconds and saves you all the time. Once it’s been correct, you can select “Continue” located at the dialog box. At this point, you’re entering the redeeming procedure, keep going.

Code Input Confirmation

Even though you’ve been sure with the codes, you need to formally confirm by selecting “Confirm” on your screen. This confirmation step is required to ensure you accept the Trial Code Terms of Service applied for psn codes activation. If it’s the first time you activate the code, it’s better if you read carefully those terms of service once for all.

Complete PSN Code Redemption

The last you need to do for completing the activation procedure is by selecting “Continue” on your screen. Your code redemption steps are completed and the system will proceed with your PSN code in seconds. Then the currency will be banked to your account balance and you can use it to buy games and items in the Play Station Store.

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